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The amount of people you can connect with on Twitter is amazing. It’s like AIM on a 24 pack of Red Bull.

Here is my Twitter account. I use Twitter daily to post personal finance advice, interesting links, and to connect with hundreds of people at a time.

I encourage you to join the Twitter revolution, it’s not going away.  It’s an excellent way to network with like minded people.

Here are ten interesting people on Twitter that I follow in the personal finance / career field. They don’t use Twitter to post 100 affiliate links a day, rather to provide greater value to their community.

  1. @trenttsd
  2. @jdroth
  3. @penelopetrunk
  4. @ManVsDebt
  5. @bargainr
  6. @moolanomy
  7. @LazyManAndMoney
  8. @JeremyVoh
  9. @ChristianPF
  10. @ericabiz
  11. @flexo
  12. @ObliviousInvest

My post the other day, How Big Of A Down Payment On A Home, came directly from a reader question via Twitter. If you ever want a financial question answered, send me a message on Twitter and who knows maybe you can get your own blog post.


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fwispNo Gravatar October 12, 2009 at 11:38 am

Hi there RJ, take a look at @fwisp you may find it interesting as well :) Cheers

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