10 Ways to Make Money Online in 2014

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When it comes to making money online, you’re certainly going to want to employ the fastest and most efficient methods. After all, you certainly aren’t trying to go back to your day job! So, let’s have a look at the Top 10 ways to make money safely, easily, and quickly online in 2014.


Ebay is perhaps the oldest “tried and true” method of selling stuff for a profit over the Internet. It may be your old junk which you’ve held on to until it’s become antique, or it may be a new line of products which you’ve developed yourself.

Regardless, it’s easy enough to get listed on the site as a seller. Just log on to the site, get an account, and follow the easy instructions. Once you have an account, you’ll have to decide whether to sell your items at auction to the highest bidder, or at a fixed price for immediate sale. There are other fees that apply to Ebay sellers (listing fees, value fees deducted from the final sale of the item, Paypal fees), so be sure that the value of the items you sell is high enough to justify the cost of using Ebay as your primary venue.


If you have a talent for creating hand crafted items, Etsy is the place for you. It’s basically the Ebay for knitters, crafters, and knick knack makers! It’s easy to set up a seller’s account on the site. Once you do, you’ll set up your own store on the site, and will be asked to put up at least 5 items for sale. Like Ebay, it really doesn’t take that long to build up a reputation as a quality seller with good customer service skills (prompt delivery, courteous interaction with your buyers, etc.).


Alibaba is currently the largest online venue for trade on a truly global scale. It bills itself as a world authority for online imports and exports. Think of the former World Trade Center (Twin Towers) transferred to the Internet, and you’ll get the general idea. Once you get a user name and password, you’ll want to surf around the site and get familiar with the rules of listing and selling your products. Alibaba hosts an excellent in-house promotional network, where you can “meet and greet” with potential buyers and sellers and promote your own business.

Once you have a product listed on Alibaba, the best way to promote is to display them free on the site (you can list up to 50 at a time). You can also use the site to check the Buying Leads, which is the best way to search the site for potential buyers of your products. These Buying Leads are basically “want ads” that let potential sellers know what products the buyer is searching for. It’s an excellent way for buyers and sellers to connect.


If you really want to keep things “old school”, you can sell your items or services directly to the public using direct marketing sites such as Craigslist.com. There’s absolutely no middle man, which can be a double edged sword. Craigslist doesn’t charge a fee to use their site, but they also don’t supervise or protect your interaction with your customer. So, if you’re selling a product or service which involves you delivering directly to the customer in person, it’s best to use caution and common sense.

On the other hand, as noted above, Craiglist is an excellent method by which to advertise your goods, especially if you prefer to keep your activity purely local.

Write An E-book

This is the item on the list that may be the hardest to pull off if you don’t fancy yourself a natural salesperson. Regardless, writing a fully detailed, descriptive, and attractive e-book isn’t really as hard as it’s cracked up to be. There are plenty of tutorials on the Internet that will help you sort out the technical aspects of creating an e-book and finding the appropriate platform to host it on.

However, the hard part is actually writing the darned thing! Take a deep breath, concentrate, and visualize in your mind exactly what your product or service is, and then describe it to yourself in exactly the terms that would convince YOU to buy it. Make it look as attractive and essential as possible, and take care to describe it in full detail.

This is your chance to promote your product exactly the way you feel it deserves to be, with no middle man. A successful e-book is like a brochure that describes to the customer exactly what they are getting. And, remember, they will call you on any detail that doesn’t match up with your description, so keep it accurate and truthful!


Fiverr is the website where goods and services are sold at $5 a pop. The simplicity of this proposition is staggering: At one blow, all of the tricky negotiating, haggling, and worrying over whether you’re charging too much or paying too much is history! Everything on the site is $5, and that’s that.

Fiverr accommodates all manner of goods and services, but its chief value is for users who work from home. For example, if you are a freelance writer, you can advertise your services for $5 an article. Likewise, an editor can review articles for $5 a pop. The average length of time it takes to decide to purchase goods or services on the site is 30 seconds!


Blogging is another old fashioned, but tried and true, method of making money (not necessarily fast money!) online. For example, if you are selling a health loss supplement such as Garcinia Cambogia, you should certainly have an online blog where you trumpet the various benefits of using this product. At the same time, you should be allying with other vendors who offer similar products. For example, if you know someone who sells a great weight loss drink, you should be sharing links with that individual to encourage crossover between your blogs.

Google AdSense

There are other ways to maximize your blog for monetary gain. Getting Google AdSense on your blog is an excellent idea. This basically puts a few small ads on your blog, and affords you a small royalty every time someone “clicks through” to their site of origin. It’s a small, but steady, income, depending on the size of your audience and their willingness to randomly click on ads.

Affiliate Programs

Another, somewhat sneakier way, to bang a few bucks out of your blog is to partner up with a site like Amazon.com and get onto their Affiliate Program. For example, let’s say that you have a record reviews blog where you review all of your favorite music and invite readers to leave their own feedback and opinions. With every daily post of a new review that you make, you post a picture of the cover of the album you are featuring that day.

Underneath the cover photo, you can install a link that goes to that album’s listing on Amazon.com. Every time someone clicks on that photo, goes to Amazon, and buys that album, you’ll get a small cut of the sale. Pretty sweet, huh? It may not bring in a shower of money, but if you post enough of these “stealth” sites, you may just begin to see a pretty significant aggregate from all of them put together.

Join A Content Writing Site

If you possess good creative writing skills, there are literally hundreds of sites, such as Textbroker, that will pay you to write articles that serve as content on websites. The subjects can range from writing product descriptions for auto parts to detailed synopses of dental procedures, and all points in between. Many political and historical sites will pay good money to get “opinion pieces” from writers who can quickly adopt a position and stick with it through the course of a 500 or 1000 word article. If you’re in need of fast cash, this is an excellent avenue to pursue. Google “Content Writing Online” and browse around the various opportunities on offer.

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The Wallet DoctorNo Gravatar April 8, 2014 at 9:27 am

Another good place to find writing, and other small jobs to increase the cash flow is oDesk.com. I didn’t know about Etsy, but it sounds like a great place to make use of those small time craft projects. Thanks so much for sharing this list with us!


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