5 Ways to NOT Get a Raise

by Matt

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When you go to ask for a raise from your boss, it is just as important to know what to say as what not to say.  If you say something that is not ideal when asking for a raise you will not get it and you could have dug yourself a hole for getting a raise in the future.  If you go into the meeting with a chip on your shoulder you will most likely not be seeing an extra penny for awhile so do yourself a favor and avoid these common pitfalls when asking for a raise.

  1. “I need the money”.  Here is the harsh reality of what your boss thinks about your finances: they do not care in the slightest.  If it doesn’t affect the company then who cares.  That is the kind of mentality your bosses have so don’t go around saying how you need money because you can not afford this or that.
  2. Threatening to quit your job.  Many high ranking people believe they are the lifeblood of their company but what they don’t realize is that they are easily replaceable.  Every single position is easily replaceable.  There will always be someone that can do your job if not as good as you or better.  Giving your boss an ultimatum will not only cost you the potential for a raise but sometimes your job as well.
  3. Using another job offer as leverage.  If you looking for a raise but have alternative job offers that you are not interested in or bluffing to use as leverage, do not bring that up in the meeting.  This is another ultimatum like scenario that will only backfire in your face.  Then not only will you have no raise but now you have to go work at a place you are not interested in or unemployment.
  4. Showing sense of entitlement.  No one likes someone who tries to act bigger than they are really.  If you go into the meeting acting like the company owes you something you are going to be fresh out of luck when getting a raise.  Your boss will not appreciate or be willing to discuss raises with you if you go in there acting like you are a higher rank than your boss.
  5. Whining and complaining.  Complainers are the worst.  If you go in to a meeting complaining that you are underpaid and throw a fit like a second grader, the response will be similar.  Your boss could dismiss you right there because in the world of business complaining gets you no where but backwards.  Stop and think before you try to pull this card.

Asking for a raise is a tricky situation but avoiding these common pitfalls could really help you divert disaster.  Don’t act like you own the place because you don’t and you will be put in your place faster than you can believe.  Save yourself the trouble and use more common sense before you walk into your boss’s office throwing down demands because you feel entitled to more cash.




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