About Gen Y Wealth

GenYWealth.com is a web magazine/blog that is written specifically for Generation Y (or sometimes also known as Generation Next, the Millennials, the Echo Boomers and the Net Generation). If you think of yourself as a GenY, you have come to the right place. Each generation has its own values and we gear this website towards the values of the typical GenY member.

The importance of learning about creating and obtain wealth to any generation is unquestionable. Many times a lack of money stops people from doing the things they want to do with their life. Learning about wealth creation is learning how to obtain financial freedom!

We try to discuss the wealth and money making issues of most interest to our generation.

Guest Posts
If you are a member of generation Y and would like to submit a guess post that would be of interest to our readers, please e-mail it to us at: info@genywealth.com

If you would like to support our website, please contact us for more information.

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