The # 1 Way to Simplify Your Finances

by RJ

in Money Management

What’s the # 1 way to simplify your finances? Spend Less!

Sorry to disappoint you, if you were expecting a way of paying your bills automatically or a tip to streamline your budget. But to borrow a phrase from William of Ockham, “The simplest explanation, is usually the best.”

So how do you start spending less? I could write a 101 Ways to Spend Less post, but that’s been done before. Just search Google if you’re into that sort of thing. Instead, I thought the simplest explanation again, would again be the best. The # 1 way to spend less is to pay more attention.

Pay more attention to the dollars that come in and out of your life. There are no rules or laws on what you have to spend your money on. You don’t have to have a car. You don’t have to have be up to date, in the latest clothing trends. For the extremist out there, you don’t even have to buy a Potato Chip Finger.

Treat every dollar that comes out of your pocket, like it’s a finite resource. Because if that dollar costs you time, then that dollar is the most valuable finite resource in the world.


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