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If you are new here, this month I’m attempting to go cash only in a few different spending categories. My hypothesis for this experiment, was that it gets to easy to spend using just credit cards and that going cash only will make myself more conscious about my spending.

A few weeks into the experiment, I believe my hypothesis is gaining ground. The biggest difference that I have seen so far is in the frequency of trips I take to the grocery store.

I always felt that I got the grocery shopping out of the way on the weekends. However, looking at my spending charts from past months, I had many frequent visits to the store.

Now that I have gone cash only, I have found myself resisting these small visits that usually cost $10 or $20.

I’m excited to carry this on a little longer and report back the results.

Weekend Reading

A lot of quality advice posted around the Internet lately. Here are a few of my favorites from the past week:

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Personal Finance Carnivals

Last but not least, the following personal finance carnivals were nice of enough to include my posts from Gen Y Wealth.

Thank you!

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