Money Psychology

Most of the time our mind is working against us. This is why very smart people, make very stupid financial mistakes.

If finance we’re all about earning more and spending less, you wouldn’t need to read any finance blogs. As you know, it’s a lot more complicated.

One important aspect is understanding the psychology of money. Specifically, why do we make irrational financial decisions and how can we avoid these bad decisions.

Essential articles that I’ve written on money psychology include:

  1. How to Think like Warren Buffett
  2. 4 Financial Mistakes A Man’s (or Woman’s) Brain is Wired to Make
  3. How Prospect Theory can Improve Your Financial Decision Making
  4. The Top Ten Mistakes in Behavior Change

Money psychology is a very new and exciting field. It’s one that’s exciting to learn and that I write about a lot.

Below you can find more articles.