Personal Improvement

Time management, creating habits, creative thinking, learning hacks, limited beliefs, life lessons…this is what you’ll find in the personal improvement section of Gen Y Wealth.

You can know all there is to know about managing money, but if you haven’t built the character of someone who implements what they learn, you haven’t learned anything.

Your character controls how you deal with trying something new, temptations, with short-term sacrifice for long term gain. It determines the limits you place on yourself or gives you the courage to try something new.

In the blog posts that I write, I explore what it takes to build your character.

Some of my favorite articles include:

  1. 20 Financial Milestones You Want to Reach in Your 20′s”
  2. 7 Creative Thinking Exercises
  3. How to Create Your Own MBA
  4. What Advice Do Financial Planners Have For Members of Gen Y

Those are the essential articles. Once you read through those, they’re plenty more below.