Finishing Your Degree: Good Option?

by Matt

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In today’s economy with 8%+ unemployment, it is hard to find jobs regardless of your education background.  However, if you do not have a college degree, you could be facing a serious uphill battle.  You will greatly increase your chances of a job, as well as your salary, if you have a college degree under your belt.  Even if you are unemployed right now and having been looking for a job for some time, maybe finishing that college degree is not such a bad idea considering the doors you will open.

Going back to college may not sound fun at all.  It can be a lot of work, not to mention the cost of tuition could be a killer in the short term.  That is why you have to look towards the future and recognize that you are in a bit of a rough patch in the short term but the long term will pay off.  Wouldn’t you rather work hard now and make sacrifices now to have a more stable and prosperous future?

Going back to college does not necessarily mean “going back to college”.  These days online colleges are beginning to take a stronger hold and cheaper for that matter.  On top of that they are online so that you could continue your daily routines without giving them up for school.  There are a wide variety of schools to choose from such as DeVry, University of Phoenix, etc.  These online schools have seen a huge increase in student enrollments over the past couple of years simply because it is more convenient and cheaper than a traditional college.  However, it must be noted that employers may look at a traditional college degree differently than an online degree.  That is why it is important for you to do your own research to find what is the best option for your situation.

Another option is to go to a trade school.  Maybe you are not looking for a college type of education but instead you want to be able to work at say Ford as an engineer.  You would have to go to a trade school that teaches you how to work on cars in such a way that would make Ford want to employ you.  The buck doesn’t stop just for cars, there are lots of trade schools that specialize in many different areas that may be more interesting to you.  Trade schools tend to be on the inexpensive side which can be more convenient for people who want to be able to broaden their employment horizons without the added debt of a traditional college.  Remember that just because you go to a trade school or a regular college for that matter, does not mean you will be able to easily land a job.  Times are tough but the economy is improving and will continue to prove over the next few years.

Whether you choose a traditional college, online college or a trade school, it is always advantageous to have a degree or certification under your belt.  The chances of you being employed are far greater along with a nicer salary.  Unfortunately, the economy is in a bit of a rough patch but things are beginning to get better.  Don’t get discouraged, stay in the game and make yourself more appealing to employers.

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J GarudNo Gravatar February 25, 2012 at 4:21 pm

MATT, I liked your post very much and that’s why I want to make a suggestion. Wouldn’t it be easier for the post reader, if you would have taken a little more pain and placed links to the various schools you have mentioned.

Your gain is that the post reader will book mark your site just for the links would lead him/her easily to the schools instead of surfing Google.


GeoffNo Gravatar March 5, 2012 at 4:17 am

The good thing about college degrees is that is shows employers you can buckle down to study over a period of time, as well as having what it takes to pass the examinations. Given the economic climate employers can pick and choose, so do whatever you can to stand out from the rest.


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