Gen Y Wealth Monthly Report – May 2010

by RJ

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I decided to bring back the monthly review. This time it’s a little different. Along with my financial update, I’m also sharing how the site is doing.

I’m not sure how long I will keep these around, so let me know if you like these reviews or if you would rather see personal finance advice.

Nonetheless, I would recommend doing something similar in your life. Start tracking whatever you want to see improvement in. There is a lot of research out there showing that tracking generally precedes improvement.

Subscriber Stats

Subscribers to the newsletter and RSS Feeds, are letting me know they want to be contacted by me again. Therefore, it’s one of the best indicators to how loyal of a following I have.

Overall, I saw a large increase in these numbers in the Month of May. My goal is to reach 100 subscribers in both the RSS Feed and Email Newsletter by the end of June.

To achieve this goal my plan is to submit four guest posts and come out with an eBook that will be given away free to newsletter subscribers. 

  • Feedburner: 97
  • Email Newsletter: 72

Website Traffic

Thanks to a few quality links from sites like Wisebread, MSN Money, and Fivecentnickel this was the best month ever on Gen Y Wealth.

I also managed to post everyday Mon-Fri, plus a weekend reading section on Saturday. This month I’m switching to writing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Plus, on Saturdays I will link out to other quality content.

My goal for June is to get into the top 700,000 in Alexa and show an increase in the remaining three categories.

  • Alexa Ranking: 757,848
  • Absolute Unique Visitors: 3,137
  • Page Views: 13,859
  • Average Time: 3:41

Personal Financial Update

Since many trust me with financial advice, I think it’s important that I let people know how I’m doing financially.

I started releasing monthly reports when the site first started, but for some reason didn’t continue them.

  • Net Worth = -2.31%
  • Investments to Expenses: 38%

The market, depending on what index you track was down almost 10% for the month of May. Even though we continued to dollar cost average, most of our investments were down for the month.

This is the first month I began tracking my ratio of investments to expenses. My goal down the road is to invest $1 for every $1 I spend.

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PatrickNo Gravatar June 10, 2010 at 11:05 pm

I for one found your site due to me following Fivecentnickel and I like your approach to talking about finances.

One thing about your monthly review, for new readers it doesn’t really provide much help because it is reported in a vacuum. By that, since you don’t list how many months you have been tracking and reporting your net worth and investment to expense ratio a decline of 2% doesn’t tell me anything of real value.

I am not asking for your bank statements, maybe just a six month historical report, how you came up with your numbers and how someone can duplicate your progress.

Thanks for writing, I enjoy the responses in your comment section.

RJNo Gravatar June 12, 2010 at 4:25 pm

Thanks for the compliments Patrick. I have enjoyed your comments.

This was actually the first time in a while, that I posted a monthly review. So I didn’t have data to back it up. Plus, I’m tracking a couple of new stats this month, so I had nothing to fall back on. Expect updates on these figures every month from now on.

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