Gen Y Wealth Monthly Review – September 2010

by RJ

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There are a few reason why I choose to share a personal, financial, and business updates every month.. First, I get to measure my success. Second, I hold myself accountable for my finances. Third, I share with you goals that I set for myself next month.

I would recommend doing something similar in your life. Start tracking whatever you want to see improvement in (your money is a good start). There is a lot of research out there showing that tracking generally precedes improvement.

Email Subscribers

Due to Feedburner being out of whack, the only subscriber number I currently track is email list subscribers. At the beginning of September, I had 130 subscribers. As of Septermber 30, I had 171

Website Traffic

September was Gen Y Wealth’s best month ever, in terms of traffic.

I was able to connect with a few bloggers like Trent at The Simple Dollar and Jim for Bargaineering, who were nice enough to link to one of my articles.

Here are the stats…


  • Alexa Rankings: 670,781
  • Absolute Visitors: 1,956
  • Page Views: 8,487
  • Average Time: 2:59


  • Alexa Rankings: 444,991
  • Absolute Visitors: 3,781
  • Page Views: 15,968
  • Average Time: 3:36

If you’re a blogger and want to know how I was able to double my traffic from month to month, here is the secret – I started connecting with other bloggers. I sent a few bloggers who I have been following for a while a simple email introducing myself and showing them some of my best content. They liked what they saw and were nice enough to link to it.

For some strange reason, I avoided doing this for about a year. It wasn’t until I was catching up with some of the content from the Empire Builder Kit, that I realized how pointless my traffic generation strategy was previously.

My goal for 2010 is to grow the list to 500 subscribers. By my estimate, I receive an influx of at least 15-20 new subscribers every time I submit a guest post. This means that I have to submit 2 guests a posts every week, for the rest of the year to reach this goal.

Personal Finance Update

Since many trust me with financial advice, I think it’s important that I let people know how I’m doing financially.

The two stats that I report are my Net Worth and my Investments to Expenses Ratio. My goal is to eventually invest $1 for every $1 that I spend.

Financial Stats

August’s Financial Stats

  • Net Worth = +3.88%
  • Investments to Expenses = 55%

September’s Financial Stats

  • Net Worth = +1.74%
  • Investments to Expenses = 28%

September was an expensive month. Between a wedding and medical expenses, it added a few hundred on to our budget. However, that’s life. Friends get married and you got to get those wisdom teeth out someday.

My 5 Favorite Posts from September

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  2. Why Not Gen Y Rich
  3. How to Create Your Own MBA
  4. How to Live Like Royalty
  5. Selling Your Stuff

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