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Site Update

August was the first full month of GenYwealth. I managed to have a post each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A few of my favorites from last month included:
As for next September,¬† I will continue to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,¬† begin marketing the blog, and update the site’s design.

What I Read

The Difference between where you are today and where you’ll be five years from now will be found in the quality of books you’ve read” – Jim Rohn

Net Worth Update

Following the conclusion of each month, I perform a monthly review on my finances. Together, my wife and I review our budget and calculate our net worth/net wealth.

It was a really good month financially. The big gain in our net worth is attributed to the stock market. Our income was around average, but we managed to decrease our expenses¬† a lot since we didn’t have any big purchases for the home.

% Change From August 1st to September 1st = +2.98%

Passive Income Business : Average Monthly Expenses Ratio

I choose to define passive income as income received that required little or no work. The goal is to have a passive income to monthly expense ratio higher than 1.

This is something we just started tracking and working towards. As of now, we don’t have any passive income coming in from a side business. Hopefully that will be changing in the future. :)

September 1 – Passive Income:Average Monthly Expenses = 0:1

Goals For September

Before October 1, 2009 I will:

  1. Pass the Estate Planning Portion for my CFP curriculum- Passed a few hours ago!
  2. Reach 100 visitors a day on GenYwealth
  3. Update site design with Thesis Theme and get a logo from 99 Designs
  4. Have a complete outline and 15,000 words written for an ebook
  5. Complete 2 projects on the house that will save us money in the winter

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