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September was a great month. The Bears are 2-1. Milton Bradley hopefully played his last game as a Chicago Cub, and continued to grow.

Each month I perform a monthly review, to let you know where the site is headed and a little more about me personally.

First, in case you missed them, here are a few of my favorite posts from September:

  1. My Investment Philosophy
  2. Leveraging Assets without Debt
  3. How To Dollar Cost Average
  4. Short Term Investing Part 1 and Short Term Investing Part 2

September Goals

  1. Pass the Estate Planning Portion for my CFP curriculum-
  2. Reach 100 visitors a day on GenYwealth – High was 45
  3. Update site design with Thesis Theme and get a logo from 99 Designs
  4. Have a complete outline and 15,000 words written for an ebook
  5. Complete 2 projects on the house that will save us money in the winter – Only completed 1

September was pretty busy, but which month isn’t?  I started studying for the final phase of the Certified Financial Planner exam in November. I managed to put in a minimum of 3 hours Monday-Saturday throughout the whole month. October, I just need to be more focused. Concentrating only on tasks that are the most essential. Here are my goals for October:

October Goals

  1. Study a minimum of 3 hours a day, Monday through Friday,  for the CFP
  2. Reach 100 Visitors a Day on
    1. Get Two Guest Posts Published
    2. 500 Visitors on Twitter
  3. 10,000 words on ebook

What I Read

The Difference between where you are today and where you’ll be five years from now will be found in the quality of books you’ve read” – Jim Rohn

I couldn’t agree more with what Jim Rohn’s quote.Here are the books I have read or listened to in the month of September – followed by a brief review.

  1. Work The System – Loved this book. The audio and PDF version are available free at the website. The book is primarily a business book, but can be applied to all areas of life. Would recommend to anyone who has “never had enough time.”
  2. How To Stop Worrying And Start Living – Dale Carnegie has written more than one classic. The reason I read this book is because I’m working on a similar eBook for the newsletter subscribers of I’m a firm believer that in order to grow your wealth, you need to stop worrying about it. This old, but great book gave me a lot of ideas to incorporate into my own book.
  3. Secrets of Social Media Marketing – A good introduction on Social Media Marketing. Not highly recommended for the individual. However, if you’re into corporate blogging, the book would be useful.
  4. Eating Well For Optimum Health  – I like my health advice like my investment advice – give me whatever plan gives me the highest chance of succeeding. My wife is a registered dietician, which makes reading about food more interesting because there is plenty to talk about.  I haven’t read to many books on health, but this was a great book in my opinion.

Net Worth/Net Wealth Review

For new readers, each month I update the community on my net worth and net wealth. Hopefully, you are doing the same at the end of each month.
Besides a few car repairs we had a good month:
  • Net Worth + 3.44%
  • Net Wealth + 3.45%

Passive Income Business

Eventually, my goal is to create a $10,000 online business which requires only a few hours of work each week. The business will be composed of selling information products online. There wasn’t much progress for this goal during September. I did manage to complete the outline, but that was just a few hours of work. By the end of October, I wish to have 10,000 words written for my first project.

Recent Carnivals

Many of you may originally came to this blog via a carnival. Each blogger puts in many hours to each carnival and deserves recognition:

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