How To Save Money This Holiday Season

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Over the Holidays, there are many chances  to save money. Here are nine sites I will use to save money this Holiday season.

  1. Slickdeals – My  favorite deal site. The front page of slickdeals is a compilation of the best deals of the day.
  2. Fat Wallet - Before making any purchase, I go to Fat Wallet and search for the product or the site I’m about to buy from. A few minutes can knock a few dollars off the total price.
  3. Paperback Swap – Paper Back Swap is a book swapping website. You list the books you own and willing to trade and receive one credit for every one book you mail.  You then use your credit to receive any book you would like. Over the past few years, I’ve been a heavy user of PBS. I can usually receive a new release quickly if it’s on my wish list before its release. As for using PBS to save money over the holiday, I often give a book that I would recommend to a person, which I get from PBS, as part of a present. As long as I write a note on the inside, I get no complaints for giving a used book.
  4. DVD Swap – DVD Swap is the same thing as Paper Back Swap just with DVD’s. The one disadvantage to trading DVD’s is that I find the list of available DVD’s smaller. However, quality DVD’s still come available. For example, I have about 5 seasons of Seinfeld and 2 seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm from DVD Swap. As for how to use DVD Swap to save money over Christmas, I recommend going in and requesting your favorite Christmas movies you want to watch year in and year out.
  5. Buzzillions - Buzzillions is my favorite review site on the Internet. Basically, it’s a well-organized review aggregator. Having a review of just about anything worth buying this year.
  6. Retail Me Not - Retail Me Not is another website I  I go to before making a large purchase online or in-store. Retail Me Not, is an easy to use site (I know this because even my mom is able to use it) for searching coupon codes and discounts both in store and on the Internet.
  7. Twitter - Twitter can be used as your own personal shopping assistant. Tweet about what you’re  thinking about buying and ask for reviews and deals. I did this the other day looking for hosting and had a few replies within minutes.
  8. Supercook – Supercook is the website I have been waiting for. I just add  the ingredients I have on hand and out comes a recipe. During the Holidays, it’s hard to predict when and where I’m eating. This makes it really hard to buy the right amount of food. Therefore, I buy only the necessities and use supercook to make something which what I have on hand.
  9. Fandango – You better believe I’m going to see Avatar in IMAX 3D.  However, tickets are $15 a piece. To avoid making going to a movie a $30 affair, I use Fandango a long with my Chase Visa Signature Card to get one free movie ticket per month.

What sites are you using to save money this Holiday season?

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Walter LisNo Gravatar November 30, 2009 at 3:00 pm

This is a tremendously useful list. Supercook almost sounds too good to be true.

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