The Investment Time Horizon Pyramid

by RJ

in Investing

The following pyramid, which is a take off of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs,  consists of 5 different investment time horizons:

  • Less Than 1 Year
  • 1-2 Years
  • 2-5 Years
  • 5-10 Years
  • Greater Than 10 Years

Inside of each time horizon, are the recommended asset classes for reaching your goal. For example, if you had a goal that was 4 years away, you would look at the third box from the bottom and see that your recommended asset classes are Savings Accounts, Money Market Funds, CD’s, and Short-Term Bond Funds.

A Few Explanations…

  • The assets are listed in order of lowest to highest risk inside each time horizon. For example, a money market fund has less risk than a short-term bond fund and a long-term bond fund has less risk then a stock index fund.
  • This chart by no means includes every asset class. There are many I left out (gold, silver, art, etc…). However, one can easily get by with investing in nothing but the these asset classes.
  • You can always spread your risk out between different asset classes inside of each time horizon. For example, if you had a goal that was 7 years away, your portfolio can be split between a Money Market Fund and a Short-Term Bond Fund. Although, please don’t forget that you should rebalance once a year.
  • This chart is certainly up for debate. I’m a bit on the conservative side.  If you had anything you would add or change, let me know in the comments.

A Few More Things…

Hats off to Michael Piper from a great investment blog, Oblivious Investor, who inspired this idea with his asset allocation pyramid.

If any bloggers want to copy this image, go on ahead. A link back to the original is appreciated.

If you’re having trouble viewing the smaller print, press Ctrl + on your keyboard to zoom in.

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PatrickNo Gravatar June 23, 2010 at 8:53 pm

This seems pretty conservative, the only thing I would add is some dividend paying stocks even with a short time frame. You never know when you will need to stretch out your time line.

RJNo Gravatar June 24, 2010 at 3:12 pm

@Patrick – I’m a pretty conservative guy when it comes to short term investing., I would rather sleep at night and achieve my goal, then have potential to make a little more money. That’s why I didn’t include any dividend stocks. BP a few weeks ago was known as a dividend paying stock. It’s an extreme example, but it can happen.

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