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I don’t know how, I arrived but one day I stumbled across I’m very glad I did because  Scott Young’s website helped me pass the most important examination (Certified Financial Planner®) of my life.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was going about learning the wrong way. College ingrained a lot of bad habits in me. My plan before a college examination was to memorize as much as I could the night before. This helped me get a B or C on the exam, but I can’t say I remember half of what I “learned”.

I couldn’t use this method if I wanted to pass the CFP®, as well as the six other courses just to sit for the CFP Exam®.  There was simply too much material to learn in too many different subjects.

I needed an alternative method to learning, other than rote memorization. Scott’s free eBook that I  came across one day, Holistic Learning, supplied that framework. It wasn’t long after reading , I was learning a new way to learn that was more efficient and effective. This eventually lead to me passing the CFP®.

The Learn More, Study Less Video Course

The purpose of the post is to introduce to you Scott’s latest work, The Learn More, Study Less Video Course. After reviewing the materials, it’s one of the best guides to improving you learning I have read.

Who Is The Learn More, Study Less Course For?

Most of the readers of this blog, are not students. So I can understand if you’re a little surprised I’m promoting a course on learning.

In reality, this is exactly the reason I choose to introduce to you to Learn More, Study Less.

The skills you will obtain from applying what’s inside Scott’s course, are skills that can benefit you for life. (A.K.A. make you a lot of money.)

Work is changing rapidly. The skills you’re slowly learning today, might not be around in five years. The quicker you’re able to adapt to new technologies, the more value you can bring to an employer or your own business.

A personal example I have, is after going through the video on speed and active reading, I’m now reading faster and able understand more. From a person who gets 100+ emails a day, this skill saves me at least 20 minutes a day. An extra 20 minutes a day, goes a long way to being able to create more value for my employer and for readers of this blog.

What You Get from Buying Learn More, Study Less?

After spending a few hours with the material, I haven’t even touched the surface on what this course has to offer. That’s because it’s one of the most comprehensive guides to learning I have ever seen. If you choose to buy Learn More, Study Less you receive:

  • The Full Video Course – 6 Hours Long
  • The Learn More, Study Less eBook – 228 Pages
  • 38 Page Case Study Manual
  • 6 Worksheets to Help Implement Concepts
  • 3 Expert Audio Interviews

Why I’m Promoting This Product

I didn’t start a blog to write about credit card rewards and savings accounts. Although this is how most personal finance bloggers make money, the thought of writing about which bank offers the highest interest rate this month, would drive to the top Mount Everest. I started Gen Y Wealth, to help people finance remarkable lives.

If you click on my products page, you will see 14 months of blogging, this is just the 2nd product I have talked about besides the Empire Builder Kit. It’s not that I haven’t bought anything in 14 months worth sharing, it’s that I only want to share the best of the best.

Yes, I make a little less money from this site with this method. More importantly though, I also stay congruent to this site’s purpose.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Guide

As always, don’t buy Learn More, Study Less if you’re in credit card debt. Do yourself a favor and get that paid off. Then you can concentrate on spending money on self-improvement.

Disclaimer: A few month’s back, Scott sent out an email to his newsletter subscribers, asking for case studies. Since I successfully used Scott’s techniques to pass the CFP® exam, I happily volunteered to answer a few questions. For taking the time, Scott gave me a free copy of this course. Just thought I would let you know. (:

Get Learn More, Study Less Video Course today.


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