Best of Money Carnival #24

by RJ

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Welcome to the 24th Edition of the Best of Money Carnival.

This is the first carnival that I have ever hosted. It’s been a real learning experience for me. I’m amazed at the quantity and quality of content written in the personal finance community.

After reading all 50 submissions, here are my top ten favorite.

  1. Travel Hacking for Noobs at Man Vs. Debt – This post blew me away. I tried applying a few of the techniques which Baker talks about and immediately found about 30% savings off of Orbitz.
  2. Should You Move to a High-Deductible Health Insurance Plan and Use an HSA to Make Up the Difference? at PT Money – I’m a huge fan of HSA’s. I think if more people understood exactly what they were, the more would see the benefits. In this post, PT goes through an example, calculating the savings of course,  of someone contemplating switching from a typical health insurance plan to a HSA.
  3. Should You Buy Life Insurance At An Early Age? at Good Financial Cents – It’s amazing how cheap life insurance is when you’re young. It’s never to early to start thinking about life insurance when you have others depending on your income.
  4. Secret Bank Accounts and Marriage Don’t Mix at The Smarter Wallet – I’m for 100% transparency when it comes to bank accounts and marriage. This post talks about how one wife was hiding $800,000 from her husband. Guess how it turned out…
  5. 11 Tips for Selecting Mutual Funds at The Oblivious Investor – The mutual fund industry has created a fund for every risk tolerance and time horizon imaginable. It’s not easy sorting the the thousands of selections. However, this list can help.
  6. How to Buy a New Furnace and Air Conditioner at Free Money Finance- I fear the day our furnace no longer works. Unfortunately, I know it’s inevitable. FMF offers great step by step advice on buying a new furnace.
  7. Large Amounts Matter Too at Get Rich Slowly – Of course saving money on everyday things really adds up. However, a little work when purchasing a big ticket item really adds up. Also, if you have the chance, read JD’s entire series on the core principles at Get Rich Slowly. It’s been great so far.
  8. How to Save Money? Stop Buying Personal Finance Books at The Wealth Pilgrim – I enjoyed and agreed with Neal’s rant on personal finance books, mostly aimed at the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Series. It is true there are a lot of great books out there. However, you don’t need to read all of them. Your chances to succeed will improve the sooner you start taking action.
  9. 50 Christmas Gift Ideas: Make Your Own Personalized Gifts at Money Help for Christians – I’m in denial that Christmas is just around the corner because it’s supposed to be 65 in Chicago today. However, Craig from Money Help for Christians composed a great list of DIY Christmas presents.
  10. Ripped Off: Can You Trust Your Financial Adviser? at Provident Planning – The world of financial advising fees can be very confusing. Paul, outlines typical advisers fees, most importantly, the ways in which people are normally ripped off.

Thank you to Free Money Finance for letting me host the carnival.

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