Gen Y Wealth Monthly Report – June 2010

by RJ

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There are a few reason why I choose to share a personal, financial, and business updates every month.. First, I get to measure my success. Second, I hold myself accountable for my finances. Third, I share with you goals that I set for myself next month.

I would recommend doing something similar in your life. Start tracking whatever you want to see improvement in (your money is a good start). There is a lot of research out there showing that tracking generally precedes improvement.


Due to Feedburner, the service that lets users sign up to an RSS Feed of Gen Y Wealth, being down, I have chosen not to publish my Feedburner stats. On any given day, my subscriber stats would change by about 50%. A lot of other bloggers have reported similar volatility. Clearly there is something wrong right now with Feedburner.

My #1 goal isn’t to get people to the RSS anyways. I think it’s more important to track how many people sign up for the email list. At the beginning of the month, I had 72 people on the list. At the end of June, the list grew to 84.

Not exactly the growth I was looking for, but still growth. The goal for July is to break the 100 barrier.

Website Traffic

I expected traffic to be down a little over June. May was a month that I managed to have a post Mon-Fri. I slowed down my posting schedule for June to only three posts a week because I’m writing an eBook right now (more on this very soon).

Here are my traffic stats for May:

  • Alexa Ranking: 757,848
  • Absolute Unique Visitors: 3,137
  • Page Views: 13,859
  • Average Time: 3:41

Compared to my traffic stats for June:

  • Alexa Ranking: 811,995
  • Absolute Visitors: 1,574
  • Page Views:7,783
  • Average Time: 3:29

Even though my traffic was significantly down over one month, I’m up about 30% over the past three months. A number I’m very happy with.

Personal Financial Update

Since many trust me with financial advice, I think it’s important that I let people know how I’m doing financially.

The two stats that I report are my Net Worth and my Investments to Expenses Ratio. My goal is to eventually invest $1 for every $1 that I spend.

Here are May’s financial stats:

  • Net Worth = -2.31%
  • Investments to Expenses: 38%

Followed by June’s financial stats

  • Net Worth = 2.06%
  • Investments to Expenses:73%

I’m extremely happy with these statistics. (:

The reason for the jump in the ratio between my investments to expenses is that I began to include short-term investments in the equation. Instead of investing  in a money market fund for shorter term goals, which I didn’t include in this equation, I switched to investing in short-term bonds, which I did include.

My 5 Favorite Posts from June

Last but not least, if you didn’t catch everything here on Gen Y Wealth in June, here are my my favorite posts:

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