67 Recipes to Save Your Planet and Your Money

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Happy earth day!

From what I know, the #1 one way you can help reduce your impact on the earth is to reduce your meat consumption.

For years now, I have been collecting vegetarian or vegan recipes online mostly through Delicous, a social bookmarking site. Today seemed like the perfect day to share my favorites with you.

I also put in a few favorites of my own, that are so simple that they need no explanation.


Vegetarian Breakfast Dishes

  1. Steel Cut Oatmeal with Bananas, Blueberry, and Almond Butter
  2. Banana Bread
  3. Warm and Nutty Cinnamon Quiona (use almond or rice milk)
  4. Scrambled Tofu
  5. Hash Browns
  6. Almond French Toast

Vegetarian Appetizers & Sides

  1. Guacamole
  2. Tomato Salsa
  3. Rosemary-Lemon White Bean Dip
  4. Hummus en Fuego
  5. Artichoke-Olive Crostini
  6. Olive Oil Crackers
  7. Texas Caviar with Avocado
  8. Berry Applesauce
  9. Popcorn (buy in bulk and make in pan)
  10. Curried Vegetable Kebabs
  11. Fruit Salsa w/ Cinnamon Chips
  12. Grilled or Baked Tomatoes (Slice, Cook, Season with salt and brush with olive oil)
  13. Baba Ghanoush

Vegetarian Soups & Stews

  1. Guinness Stew (Yes the beer)
  2. Chickpea Soup
  3. Sweet Potato Pepper Soup
  4. Black Bean and Salsa Soup
  5. Bean Soup with Kale
  6. Minestrone Soup
  7. Hearty Vegetable Soup
  8. Vegetarian Tortilla Soup (so good)
  9. White Bean, Kale, and Roasted Vegetable Soup
  10. Garbanzo Tomato Pasta Soup
  11. Spicy, Citrusy, Black Beans
  12. Basic Vegetable Soup
  13. Chili Topped with Sweet Potatoes
  14. Cabbage Soup
  15. Spinach and Shitake Mushroom Soup w/ Crispy Baked Tofu Croutons Recipe

Vegetarian Salads

  1. Citrus Basil Salad
  2. Pesto Pasta Salad
  3. Sesame and Cilantro Vermicelli Salad
  4. Asian Noodle Salad (very intensive, but worth it)
  5. Spinach and Strawberry Salad
  6. Mexican Bean Salad
  7. Tabouleg
  8. Chickpea Salad

Vegetarian Main Dishes

  1. Fresh Vegetable Sandwich
  2. Couscous with Raisins, Pine nuts, and Capers
  3. Sweet Chili Lime Tofu with Wok Steamed Collards and Quinoia
  4. Double Broccoli Quionia
  5. Mole Pinto Beans
  6. Escarole and Peppers with Olive Oil
  7. Lentil Tacos
  8. Sweet Potato Burritos
  9. Garbanzo Burgers
  10. Whole Wheat Penne w/ 5 Minute Tomato Sauce
  11. Noodles with Mushrooms (use olive oil to make it vegan)
  12. Pad Thai
  13. Curried Noodle Patties
  14. Sesame Noodles
  15. Pasta with Olive Oil and Fresh Sage
  16. Curry
  17. Almond Butter & Banana Sandwich w/ Agave
  18. Pasta w/ Mushroom Ragu
  19. Cabbage Rolls
  20. Stuffed Peppers
  21. Baked Falafel
  22. Rice and Beans
  23. Baby Bok Choy w/ Cashews
  24. Red Kidney Bean Curry
  25. Tamales

Recommended Vegetarian Cook Books

Here are two cookbooks that I own, that have an endless amount of vegetarianism or vegan recipes.

  1. How to Cook Everything Vegetarian
  2. The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen

Enjoy and let me know which vegetarian recipes you try!

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P.S. – Never write a food post right before lunch. (:

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