Where to Start Investing: Asset Location for Gen Y

by RJ

in Investing

When I started investing, I never thought about where to start.  I was more concerned about what to invest in. Where, also known as asset location, was an afterthought.

It turns out my approach was doomed for failure. Even though I qualified for tax savings accounts like a Roth IRA and eventually a 401K, I still invested in a taxable account.

My goal was to make the question of where to begin as simple as possible for the average Gen Y member.

First, there are a few assumptions to go over. This chart is done from the perspective of a typical Gen Y member:

That means:

Where to Start Investing Flowchart?

Picture 6

Now that you know where to begin investing, you can begin to search for what to invest in. Lucky for you, I already covered the asset allocation question.

If you have any questions, please list them in the comments.

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