How to Stop Worrying and Start Caring About Money – Part 4

by RJ

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Introduction – I began writing How to Stop Worrying and Start Caring About Money as a single post. However, I had too many ideas. I decided to break it into chunks and release one by one. This is the final post.

Lesson # 7 – Find Your Passion

The best advice is usually the simplest.  You’ve  been told to find your passion over and over again. Believe it or not, the advice is as good as it gets. If you’re getting up each day, doing what you love, you won’t have time to worry.

The guy sharing a two bedroom apartment with eight guys but loves what he does,  worries less than the guy who hates his job and can’t afford his mortgage.

Once you have a purpose in life, a lot of the problems you thought you had go away.

Get up each day and do what you want to do. Not what anyone else thinks you should be doing.

Lesson # 8 – Improve Your Most Important Asset

What would happen if you were to get thrown out on the street today with the clothes on your back, no friends to call, and no money to your name. How quickly could you turn your life around?

Now, imagine the most successful person you know. How quickly, without money, no home, no food, no connections, could they get back to where they are today.

The most successful person you know, doesn’t have any secrets. All he has is his mind. And that’s all that separates you two.

We’re living in the information age. The measure of one’s success is based upon how one can process and apply information.

Michael Jordan, who could do anything he wanted physically, said basketball was  90% mental. There were people who could jump higher, run faster, were taller, or quicker than Michael Jordan, but they were not more successful.

If you want to stop worrying about money, improve your knowledge. Not personal finance knowledge, which I recommended in previously, a different kind of knowledge.

Successful people like to talk about their successes. This is to your advantage because there is a book or at least an interview with 99% of the world’s most successful people.

The greatest part is that each person wants to tell you exactly how they made it to where they are today. You would be surprised how many of the world’s most successful people were in the same situation you’re in today.

Knowledge really is power. There are millions of stories of millionaires losing everything they had, only to get it back very quickly.

The only thing that separates you from the world’s most successful people is your mind.

Everyone defines success in different ways. Find a person who has achieved what you want to achieve. Learn from their journey.

The Final Lesson – How Can I Afford It?

David Schwartz, the author of the classic book The Magic of Thinking Big, asked his class a question, “How can we eliminate jails in the next 30 years.”

He first let the class give him  reasons for why it would be impossible to eliminate jails. After his class had given him every reason imaginable, he then asked “try hard for a few minutes…assuming we had to eliminate jails, where would we begin?”

The next few minutes, answers to his question come in  slow. Eventually, enthusiasm builds on the idea that it is possible to eliminate jails. One class even had 78 specific ideas on how to eliminate jails.

So what does eliminating jails have to do with worrying about money? Think back to the last time you told a good friend, “I’m sorry I can’t (insert really fun thing that you have always wanted to try), I can’t afford it.”

When you really believe in something, your mind has a way of finding a way to make it happen. To often we tell ourselves, “I can’t afford it.” The better question is, “How can I afford it?”

All you have to do is believe that it can happen. Your mind will do all the hard work. No need to keep worrying.
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MneiaeNo Gravatar October 21, 2009 at 3:06 pm

“What would happen if you were to get thrown out on the street today with the clothes on your back, no friends to call, and no money to your name. How quickly could you turn your life around?”

My dad came to America with the clothes on his back in the ’70s. He read English but didn’t speak it proficiently (it’s his 6th language…or maybe even later than that, but I’m not sure as I can only think of 5 other ones that he learned before it). He came out of a war-torn country and had to financially support 10 people on a minimum wage salary. He was in his late twenties and didn’t take a cent of welfare money. He married my mom when she had 5 digits of student debt. My parents are now millionaires. Their story is quite frankly amazing and my dad has taught me excellent financial habits. Without anything, my dad could indubitably turn everything around a second time…possibly more easily, as he speaks more English now.

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