How to Stop Worrying and Start Caring about Money – Part 1

by RJ

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More money will not make your problems go away.

Considered the richest person in history, John D. Rockefeller, was a millionaire at 33. He proceeded to grow his million into a billion. Eventually, he retired at age 53.

Why did he retire? It wasn’t because he had enough money to live on for the next thousand or so years. John D. Rockefeller retired because he worried about money. (Hopefully, you can see the irony to the concept of the richest person in history, worrying about money.)

One of my favorite stories about Rockefeller is when he once shipped $40,000 worth of grain across the Great Lakes. Rockefeller didn’t want to pay for the insurance because the high cost of $150.

During the shipment, there was a horrible storm that swept across the Great Lakes. The next morning, when Rockefeller’s partner came into the office he found Rockefeller already there pacing the floor. Immediately, Rockefeller demanded that his partner purchase insurance, which he did successfully. Once the partner returned to the office after purchasing insurance, he found Rockefeller in an even worse state. A telegram had just arrived with word that the shipment of grain was successful. Rockefeller was so mad that his company wasted $150 on insurance that he had to go home for the day.

At age 53, Rockefeller retired from business because of the stress he put on himself. Doctors told him that if he wanted to continue to live, he would have to stop worrying.

Biographer John K Winkler wrote this regarding his post-retirement days, “During days of torture and nights of insomnia John D. had time for reflection. He began to think of other people. He stopped thinking, for once, of how much money he could get; and he began to wonder how much that money could buy in terms of human happiness.”

After worrying about money for 53 years, John D. Rockefeller decided to give all of his money away.  Rockefeller’s generosity gave millions away to fund education, churches, colleges, medical research, and much more. It was John D. Rockefeller contributions that invented penicillin and saved  The University of Chicago.

Without the worry, John D. Rockefeller managed to live to the age of 98. It took him 53 years to realize that having more money doesn’t solve any problems. This simple lesson is the foundation of this book.

The goal is to have you caring rather than worrying about money. What’s the difference?

Caring about money brings no stress into your life.

Worrying about money puts stress in your life.

I’m amazed that the sum of someone’s net worth has little correlation with the stress money brings into their life. I have met some who are in debt that have no money related stress. I know others who have accumulated a small fortune but money causes great stress in their life.

From here on out, I will explain 10 (or more, I really haven’t decided yet)  ways in which you can eliminate worrying with regards to money.

You and I only have a limited amount of life. Why waste that precious time worrying about something so small?

To be continued…

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Chris PetersonNo Gravatar October 14, 2009 at 7:26 am

Hey RJ!
There are way too many things about your article I can fondly talk about, but I am just gonna mention the most significant & impressive ones, all right?
1. In a simple flow of conversation, you have created a story that’s gonna get all the readers of this post back to you with a well built interest. What a curiosity building!

2. I think it might be considered easy thing to appear effortless, but I personally think that’s hardest of things

3. Choosing right example is an art. Among many people to pick from, you chose the richest man & best example to hit the bull’s eye.

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