Three Technology Stocks For 2012

by Matt

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Investing in stocks is the best option you have to grow your wealth.  The best way to grow your wealth from stocks is picking a sector that is not going anywhere but up.  Technology is a sector of business that we will always have.  It is one of the largest and most popular sectors around and it will only continue to innovate and create new ways to make our way of life easier.  That is why there is certainly money to be made in the technology sector for the very long term.  However, lets focus on how to play technology is the coming new year.

The best way to deciding what and where to invest for a new year is by looking at trends.  Trends almost always point towards profitable stock picks that can be played.  In terms of technology, there are many popular trends that we all use often.  Technology trends these days range from 4G smartphones to Facebook and Twitter.   After looking at the trends you look for different stocks that would fit the trend.  For instance, you can play the smartphone bonanza by buying stocks such as Verizon (VZ), Apple (AAPL), etc.

Without further waiting my three technology stocks that I think will do quite well in 2012 are: Apple (AAPL), Qualcomm (QCOM), Google (GOOG).  These stocks are in spots to outshine the rest of the industry this next year.

Apple is expected to release iPad 3 along with iPhone possibly at the end of 2012.  However, I am mostly focused on the iPad release and Apple’s partnership with China Mobile to sell the iPhone in China.  Those two events should bring riches to Apple and its shareholders.  However, these two events are expected to happen in the latter half of 2012 so you could be waiting a while if you are looking for faster results.  When they come though, it will be worth the wait.

Qualcomm makes system software and CDMA circuits for mobile devices.  Essentially, Qualcomm is powering your phone’s basic system.  The reason why I like Qualcomm is that they have a patent on most of their products which makes them a quasi-monopoly right now when it comes to system software.  As the smartphone craze continues suppliers are increasing their demand for chips to power their phones and Qualcomm will be standing right there with a huge edge over the rest of the industry.

Google is a technology company that has its hang in everything from search engine to smartphones.  The reason why I believe Google is a winner is because they are continuing to expand into different markets, creating new revenue streams for the company.  Google’s latest invention is the Google Wallet, which essentially means you can buy items at a store using your smartphone. Yes, that is real and it is not a joke.  I believe Google has great leadership that will continue to point the company in the right direction.

These three stocks are your best bet when it comes to filling your technology spot in your portfolio for 2012.  Technology will always be a part of our lives, however, there are different aspects of technology that work when other aspects may not work.  For 2012, go for Apple, Qualcomm, and Google

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