The Proper Use of Wealth | Buddha’s 8 Questions

by RJ

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This is a fascinating excerpt  I found while reading, The Leader Way by The Dalai Lama and Laurnes Van Den Muyzenburg.

“Buddha also presented eight questions that leaders and business people can ask themselves if they want to know if they are using their wealth in proper ways:

  1. Did you acquire your wealth lawfully?
  2. Did your wealth provide happiness only to you?
  3. Did your wealth provide happiness also to others?
  4. Did you share your wealth with others?
  5. Did you carry out any good deeds with your wealth?
  6. Are you attached to and infatuated with your wealth?
  7. Are you *heedful of the dangers of wealth?
  8. Do you posses the **insight that leads to spiritual freedom?

* Heedful means being aware of what is going on in one’s mind. A heedful leader will recognize when his or her mind becomes infatuated or stingy with his or her wealth.

** Refers to an understanding that wealth can increase and decrease for reasons a person cannot control”

I like this mindset. What about you?

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