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by Matt

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These days there is an app for almost every aspect of our lives, some are helpful and some are just for entertainment.  Chances are you already know the entertainment apps but not many of the personal finance apps that could help you in different aspects of your finances.  Here is a list of five of my favorite personal finance apps.

  1. Google Finance.  This app is for keeping an eye on the market while you are on the go.  It tracks US and world indices and your own portfolio holdings.  Aside from that they have imported financial news so that you know what is going on in the Stock Market at any given moment.  If you are a trader or investor I highly recommend having this app on your iPhone or Android to stay informed on the go.
  2. BlackGold.   BlackGold keeps track of crude oil, gold, gas, natural gas and heating oil.  If you upgrade the app you can also get silver prices and state-by-state gasoline prices.  This app is important because in the world of finance the only way you survive is if you are informed.  You do not have to be a commodities trader to care where crude oil is or gold’s current level.  These two commodities are important when it comes to daily lives.  In theory, when crude oil goes up so does the gas you are paying for at the pump.  When gold is up that means there is uncertainty in the markets which could point to a possible downturn.
  3. Mint.  This is a budget app for the iPhone and Android and my opinion it is the best budget app on the market.  It is an easy to use, feature-rich user face that will tell you in a heartbeat how you have been spending money and how much.  In seconds you will be able to tell where you need to cut spending to maintain your budget goals.  The best part is you do not have to input all purchases; it connects to your bank account and automatically categorizes your purchases for you.  Aside from budget it also keeps track of investments.
  4. Paypal.  The Paypal app is an easy, alternative, safe way to pay for items.  You can pay for an item that you bought online or if you owe a friend a bit of cash you can pay them from your Paypal mobile app if you so desire.  This is the best non-bank, “bank” app because you are able to hold money securely on your phone.
  5. Debt Dog.  Before you go out and buy something expensive on your credit card, consult Debt Dog.  Debt Dog is an app that allows you to manage your credit card debt more efficiently. It shows you the rate you will pay on an item and ultimately how much more the item will cost you in the long run.  So before you impulse buy something check and see how much you really are going to pay for it.

Apps are beginning to become part of our daily lives.  Some are fun and useless while others could help make you more on top of your life.  Listed above are five very good financial apps that help you in budgeting, investments, commodity prices, making payments and watching how much you spend on credit.  Go out there and make yourself more financially aware.

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Katlyn PadilaNo Gravatar May 17, 2012 at 12:45 pm

I think this is important information to know. I got my first credit card at a young age and regret not being more informed. I am now taking a lot of finance classes and have a better understanding about trading vs. investing.


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