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When you go to the news stand you can find a wide variety of financial newspapers and it can be hard to determine which one is the right one for you.  Some offer more commentary while others offer more trade ideas.  However, the ideal newspaper has a healthy balance of both commentary and trade ideas.  The ideal newspaper need both aspects because you need to stay informed on big news in the market, as well as explain why they chose the trades they did.  As for the trade aspect, it is always nice to see where the paper believes there are going to be significant moves in the market. However, these trade ideas should be the starting point for your research not just a free for all jump.

I will be reviewing the following financial newspapers for the criteria as described above: Wall Street Journal, Investors’ Business Daily (IBD) and Barron’s.

Wall Street Journal: This newspaper is the standard of the industry.  The WSJ is a great newspaper that really keeps you informed with the current news and trends around the market in almost every industry.  However, it lacks in trade ideas and opinionated pieces, in my opinion.  That is not to say that it is a bad newspaper by any means, I often read the WSJ because their reporting is very good and informative.  WSJ is perfect for investors who want just news.

IBD:  IBD was founded by investing great William O’Neil back in the 1990s.  For those of you who do not know what O’Neil is famous for, he is known for his CAN SLIM trading system which involves technical analysis.  With that being said, this newspaper is almost all trades.  They have a top 100 stock list that they update weekly based on technical break outs.  I would not recommend this to any beginning investors because this system is a bit complex.  On top of the lack of commentary, the newspaper is quite expensive for a subscription.  If you want mostly trades then IBD is the paper for you.

Barron’s:  Barron’s newspaper is very knowledgeable on many aspects of the market.  They have sections just for commentary on European stocks, Asian stocks, bonds, options, US markets, etc.  Within the commentary they tell you the current conditions as well as where it may be heading.  Then they provide you with a trade idea.  On top of that they have market sentiment indicators and Put/Call ratios of the market.  These tools are designed to help show you where the market could be heading in the short term.  Barron’s does a great job on the commentary and trade front.  They continue tom provide news as well as opinionated pieces, making Barron’s a great newspaper.

As you could see above, there are some newspapers that may be better for some trades while the same newspaper may not work for others.  If you are looking for a well rounded paper, my suggestion would be to go for Barron’s.  They have the best overall deal when it comes to being balanced with commentary and trades.  Let it be noted that it is always important to do your own research on recommended stocks before you jump in to make sure they work with your investing goals.  Main thing to take away is successful investors stay informed with the market.

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