Weekend Reading – Blackhawks Won the Stanley Cup Edition!

by RJ

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I’m still floating today, even though the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup on Wednesday.

Five years ago, I never thought this team would turn around so quickly.They had an owner who didn’t believe home games should be on TV. A few years earlier, they had traded some of my favorite players¬† (Chelios, Roenick, and Belfour)¬† and got nothing in return. Just about every major paper in town, pretended as if the team didn’t exist.

For about ten years, it sucked to be a Blackhawks fan. The team was losing. Half the games were not on TV. The remaining 50% started at 9:30 because they were played on the West Coast. Plus, you couldn’t even read what happened the night before in the paper.

The owner passed away. His son took over. Hired some coaches and managers. Who drafted and signed some great players. And in just a few years, they won a Stanley Cup. It’s an incredible example of how quickly things can change.

Anyways, on to the weekend reading…

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