Weekend Reading – Football is Upon Us

by RJ

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If I were to rank the four seasons, fall would be #1. Not only do I get to go outside without breaking a sweat, but football season begins.

Those who know me well, know that my team is the Chicago Bears. The joke in my family was that I was named after my Grandpa so we would always have two Raymond Weiss’s in the family. Thus, we  have an extra layer of insurance if something happened to one of us and we were not able to renew the season tickets.

Since I don’t read the newspaper much anymore, I’m pretty optimistic about this season. The Vikings are getting older, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers don’t scare me, and the Lions are still the Lions. I won’t be surprised if the Bears took the division this year. Just remember, where you heard it first. (:

Enough of my dreaming, on to the weekend reading…

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