Weekend Reading | Greed is Bad Edition

by RJ

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A group of guys I know get together and play basketball in the mornings. Each week, they put in $1 on Wednesday to buy lotto tickets for the group. Then on Friday morning, one guy stops at a gas station and buys lotto tickets for everyone to scratch off after they’re done playing. If one person wins, he shares the pot with everyone else.

On April fools day last year, the guy who usually buys the lotto tickets, brought in fake tickets. One of the tickets in the pile was worth a jackpot of $250,000.

As everyone started scratching off to see if they won, the guy who had the fake ticket saw that he had a chance to win $250,000. As he scratched off the last square and saw that he won, he went wild. He went around with a huge smile on his face high fiving and hugging anyone who won, since they all shared the jackpot. It wasn’t until a few minutes later, where he found out it on the back of the card it was a joke.

That’s not the best part though. A week later, one of the guys wasn’t there to witness the fake lottery incident. The guys had so much fun pulling the prank the first time, they decided to do it again on the guy who was a no show the previous week.

This time though, about all 20 of them, knew who was getting the fake lottery ticket. As they began to scratch their own tickets, their eyes were on the guy who had the fake ticket. He scratched off one square, scratched off another, and finally the third, revealing that he won $250,000. Yet, this guy didn’t react. He slowly put the fake lottery ticket in his pocket and told everyone he didn’t win because he didn’t want to split the pot.

Nobody said a word to him.

To this day, that guy hasn’t shown his face since.

A true story.

Anyways, on to the weekend reading…

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Russ ThorntonNo Gravatar November 14, 2010 at 11:07 am

Thanks for including me in this nice roundup of reading from the past week. I appreciate it and enjoyed reading some of the other stories you linked to.


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