Weekend Reading – What A Long, Strage, Year It Has Been

by RJ

in Random

I was thinking back today about what I crazy year it has been. A year ago I lived in an an apartment with my ex-fiancee, was studying for the CFP® exam, was headed to Alabama for my bachelor party, and was in the final stages of wedding planning.

Now I’m in a house, happily married, passed the CFP®, exam, and blogging away.

I guess there is a lot you can do in one year.

Enough with my nostalgia, here’s the weekend reading.

Personal Finance Links

  1. Why Do We Assume That High House Prices = Good via I Will Teach You to be Rich
  2. How and Why to Diversify Your Income via Five Cent Nickel
  3. Lesson’s From You and Me in Warren Buffet’s Annual Letter via Pop Economics

Random Links

  1. How I Fell in Love with Fish a Ted Talk by Dan Barber
  2. An Interview with Yourself via The Art of Non-Conformity

Blog Carnivals

  1. Carnival of Personal Finance

Enjoy the Weekend!

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