Weekend Reading – Sell Your Crap Edition

by RJ

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If you haven’t had a chance to check out Adam Baker’s blog at Man vs Debt, it’s you’re missing out. If this is your first time visiting his blog, make sure you have some time on your hands because you will be sucked into reading his archives for a good two hours.

Adam has a really inspiring story. After building up a pretty good chunk of debt in his 20’s, he decided to sell all of his crap, get out of debt, and move to New Zealand for a year.

If this story sounds of interest, Adam just released a great informational product called Sell Your Crap where he explains how to maximize your return from selling your stuff. I had a chance to purchase the guide last week and I was shocked to open it up and find that just the eBay portion is 171 pages.

I’m not even an affiliate for the product, so I have no financial incentive to share this with you. I have just loved the guide to far and find it worth the price. It’s one of those purchases that will easily pay for itself, if you take action.

On to the weekend reading….

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