Gen Y Wealth Monthly Review – August 2010

by RJ

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There are a few reason why I choose to share a personal, financial, and business updates every month.. First, I get to measure my success. Second, I hold myself accountable for my finances. Third, I share with you goals that I set for myself next month.

I would recommend doing something similar in your life. Start tracking whatever you want to see improvement in (your money is a good start). There is a lot of research out there showing that tracking generally precedes improvement.

Email Subscribers

Due to Feedburner being out of whack, the only subscriber number I currently track is email list subscribers. At the beginning of August, I had 103 subscribers. As of August 31st, I had 130.

As I always say, anytime you can grow more than 10% in a month, it’s a good thing. My goal is to always increase this number by 10% each month. Which will get a lot harder, the more I grow.

My major accomplishment this month was redoing the bonus for email subscribers. I’m really proud how the financial freedom blueprint turned out. I think it’s some of the best content available on the web for creating your own financial plan.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, get your free copy now.

Website Traffic

August was a slow month for Gen Y Wealth, in terms of traffic.

Unlike July, I didn’t receive any links from major websites. The # 1 referrer, besides Google, to Gen Y Wealth during August was Five Cent Nickel.  Thanks for the traffic, Nickel. (:

Here are the stats…


  • Alexa Rankings: 716,531
  • Absolute Visitors: 2,279
  • Page Views: 10,954
  • Average Time: 3:50


  • Alexa Rankings: 670,781
  • Absolute Visitors: 1,956
  • Page Views: 8,487
  • Average Time: 2:59

Have some great news though. As I’m writing this, September looks to be a banner month for Gen Y Wealth. With hard work, I can easily see my numbers traffic numbers tumbling and climbing in to the top 500,000 websites by the end of September.

Personal Finance Update

Since many trust me with financial advice, I think it’s important that I let people know how I’m doing financially.

The two stats that I report are my Net Worth and my Investments to Expenses Ratio. My goal is to eventually invest $1 for every $1 that I spend.

July’s Stats

  • Net Worth = +5.74
  • Investments to Expenses = 59%

August’s Financial Stats

  • Net Worth = +3.88%
  • Investments to Expenses = 55%

The big news coming out of August, was that my wife and I decided to move. Right now our house in on the market. After we sell, we will be moving to the city of Chicago. We’re both very excited to be making the move.

My 5 Favorite Posts from August

  1. The Financial Freedom Blueprint
  2. How to Afford Anything
  3. Expenses That Increase Happiness
  4. The # 1 Way to Simplify Your Finances
  5. It’s OK not to Save, It’s Not OK not to Invest

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