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Entrepreneur, writer,  blogger, fellow member of Gen Y, and friend Sam Davidson launches his new book today: 50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need.

I’m grateful to have him as a guest on to talk about his new book and a few other interesting topics pertaining to young adults.

RJ: Can you give the community of Gen Y Wealth a 30 second elevator speech on who you are?

Sam:  I’m a writer, entrepreneur, and dreamer who tells stories that need telling. To do this, I write books, run, and help nonprofits brand themselves via my newest company, Proof Branding. I like to say that my schedule is never predictable but always flexible.

RJ: Why did you decide to write 50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need?

Sam: I firmly believe that the world needs more passionate people. I also believe that for a lot of us, “stuff” gets in the way of discovering what it is we’re passionate about. The first step, then, is to clear out the things we don’t need in our life so we can focus on what really matters. We’ll also find that when we find our passion and live a life dedicated to it, a lot of other stuff can fall by the wayside. We can let go (maybe for the first time) of what isn’t truly important.

RJ: What is one mistake you made in your early 20′s and what did you learn from it?

Sam: Other than getting an interest-only mortgage and wishing I’d become an Apple convert earlier, I wish I would have never started grad school. I stopped a semester in because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. While the experience led me to where I am today, I could have started down the path to where I am a bit sooner. I tell folks that you go to grad school once you figure out what kind of job you want.

RJ: What is one book that changed your life?

Sam: Purple Cow made me think about business in a whole new way. A New Christianity for a New World did that for me and my faith.

RJ: What are 3 trends you’re seeing from Gen Y that excite you?

Sam: I’m seeing a movement towards conscious consumption. TOMS shoes is a great example of this. Young people are stating their values with how they spend their money. I’m also seeing more young people recapture the value of family. Whether it’s boomeranging back home or seeking parental advice on major purchases, this generation should have more in common with their parents than any previous one. I’m also seeing young adults channel their digital skills towards solving social problems and this is very cool.

RJ: Who’s your hero?

Sam: I wish I could make money like Warren Buffet, ride a bike like Lance Armstrong, and being willing to sacrifice either like Mother Teresa.


Thanks Sam for taking the time to answer a few questions. Always great to hear stories of Gen Y doing great work. Good luck with your new book, 50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need.

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