Uncertainty is Underrated

by RJ

in Psychology

The Long Road AheadFor the first time in my life, I’m uncertain where I’ll be in two months. It feels different but good.

I still know where I want to go but I’m leaving that path open.

I made the mistake of seeking security. Security in the form of buying a house or a certain amount of savings in my bank account.

That was foolish. You can’t evolve when you’re chasing the past.

All at one time, I’m going through many changes. I sold my house and I’m moving to Chicago. Gen Y Wealth just became a Registered Investment Adviser and now I’m able to give financial plans. My wife left her job and is starting her own business.

These changes lead to uncertainty. I can’t predict nor can anyone else predict what will happen, where I’ll live, and how much money I’ll make. But that’s a good thing. Uncertainty is underrated.

Uncertain lives are ones that are filled with excitement and adventure. That’s the life I want.

So what does this have to do with money? Should you not save for tomorrow and live for the present?

Looking back, my wife and I consciously decided we wanted uncertainty. When we both had full-time jobs, we saved 50% of our income. We limited material possessions that would hold us back. We admitted mistakes, like buying a house. Instead of complaining about the poor housing market, we saved even harder to make up for the loss.

In other words, if you choose the path of uncertainty, you need to be even more conscious of your financial decisions.

The ironic thing is the more uncertain my life has become; the better I’ve felt about it. I guess you could say I found “security” by seeking uncertainty.

In the comments, describe a time in your life when you were uncertain of what was ahead. How did it end up working out? Did what happen make a positive or negative impact on your life, today?

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Tyler DurbinNo Gravatar May 16, 2011 at 12:06 pm

This is a great perspective…

I recently lost my job and am out scouring the job market, but you’re right, the uncertainty is kinda refreshing. In fact, I just turned down a job offer because I didn’t think it was the best fit and I’m ok with the uncertainty that lies ahead.

When making these decisions, I’m definitely considering factors such as finances, but it’s not to have some flexibility and not be desperate for security.


RJNo Gravatar May 17, 2011 at 10:28 am

Thanks for your input Tyler.


Jonathan HarmsNo Gravatar May 16, 2011 at 1:46 pm

Go Get ‘em RJ.

Since high school, I didn’t know anything but uncertainity. And looking back on it, ignorance was bliss. After college I started a business. Very uncertain, but we hustled and did ok. Then I sold my portion of it because I began craving home (started the business down south and I am from up north) and my family; I craved security, I had never known it independently.

So now I have it and I am beginning again to crave adventure, or uncertainty. I also miss the road a little. Uncertainty will keep you sharp and on the hustle. Structure is important though, it is in our bones; quite literally too!


RJNo Gravatar May 17, 2011 at 10:29 am

Haha. Love the last comment. Thanks Jonathan.


Jay PalterNo Gravatar May 17, 2011 at 3:26 pm

This is such a great perspective. The quest for security can sometimes hamper our ability to live life and enjoy it in all it’s glorious uncertainty. Is that what makes life so intriguing – getting up each day with the freedom of possibility before you?

I am no advocate for insecurity or poor financial planning and sometimes life’s uncertainty turns ugly. But the key to happiness and fulfillment in life is opportunity, discovery and possibility – the beauty of not knowing what tomorrow brings.


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