Try this Proven Method to Eliminate Beliefs and Achieve Your Goals Faster in 20 Minutes

by RJ

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The magic word is confidence.

If you had 100% confidence that you were going to succeed in anything, would you wait to take action?

With confidence, you can accomplish all of your goals faster and more easily. Your entire life would change if you acted with confidence. There is nothing that you would feel couldn’t be done.

Knowing this, would you agree with me that gaining self-confidence is important? That if one could find a way to increase their confidence levels, they would be more successful?

Luckily, there is a way.

Enter the Lefkoe Method and Natural Confidence. A one of a kind system that eliminates the beliefs that are holding you back from your dreams.

How Eliminating Beliefs Changed my Life

I was introduced to the Lefkoe Method from the Personal MBA list reading list.

After reading ReCreate Your Life and seeing how false beliefs were getting in my way of achieving my goals, I was hooked. I soon bought an online course that took me through the 19 most common limited beliefs called Natural Confidence.

It’s been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. I’ve seen extraordinary returns in just weeks.

My biggest limited belief was “I’m too young to start my own financial planning practice. I need years of experience before I go off on my own.”

Obviously, that statement is not a fact. Yet, my actions, or lack thereof, were treating it as such. I found myself delaying small and easy tasks to get my practice started.

After applying the Lefkoe Method to this belief, I noticed a difference in how I felt immediately. Most importantly, I started taking action to get my practice up and running. If all goes well, I should be registered and ready to go within the next few days.

What does Eliminating Beliefs have to do with Financial Planning?


Think about all the simple steps you can take to improve your finances. Most likely, you can do one thing in the next 20 minutes that can help you reach your financial goals.  You could increase your contribution to your 401(k). You could call your Internet provider and negotiate down to a lower rate. You could start a Roth IRA.  You could request a credit limit increase to improve your credit score.  You could list something on eBay.  You get the idea.

You know what to do but you can’t take action, why?

Because of your beliefs.

You don’t increase your 401(k) contributions because you believe you’re not the type of person who knows how to manage their money.

You don’t call your cable company to save $50 a month or your credit card company to increase your limit because you believe you’re a bad negotiator.

You don’t start a Roth IRA because you believe you’re not smart enough to invest.

You don’t start a budget because you believe you don’t have the time.

You Have Nothing to Lose, Try Eliminating a Belief for Free

Try The Lefkoe Method today, for free.

You can choose to eliminate one of the following beliefs at no cost:

  • I’m not good enough
  • Mistakes and failure are bad
  • I’m not important

The complete process takes only 20 minutes per belief. It really does work. And really does eliminate that belief permanently.

Pay close attention to your thoughts and actions after your first session. Especially in the first 60 minutes. You will feel like anything is possible. Imagine having this state of mine 24/7. That’s what Natural Confidence can do for you.

Try the Lefkoe Method out today for free. I highly recommend it.

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SXSW AngelsNo Gravatar February 25, 2011 at 12:24 pm

That’s an awesome concept. I’m going to incorporate it into everything, not just personal finance. -BF


PatrickNo Gravatar February 25, 2011 at 8:23 pm

I absolutely endorse this type of thinking.

A wise man once told me two sayings that have forever changed my life.

Number 1: False motivation is better than no motivation at all.

Number 2: Motivation is a force multiplier.

I was probably about 20 years old when I was given those two nuggets of advice, I can tell you that ten years later I routinely use those in my day to day activities.

Number 1: There are always going to be days where you don’t want to get up and get going, you fall into the trap of having bad or negative thoughts such as brought up in this post. “I am not good enough”, “I am not important, no one will miss me”, etc.

The way to conquer this is to literally force yourself to be motivated, to tap into the reserve of willpower and get going. This leads directly into number 2.

Number 2: Have you ever noticed that when you are at a party and once one or two people start dancing and laughing the whole room eases up and soon everyone is having a good time? Emotions, beliefs, attitudes, they are all lumped together in that they can be manipulated by the events around you. A prime example is Richard Simmons, he comes out and is so hyper and dancing around and before you know the people around him and exercising and moving and having a good time. It is almost impossible to be around people like him and not have a good time.

What is stopping you from applying this to your life?


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