Recommended Products and Services

I spend a lot of my time reading, learning, and reviewing many products and services on creating wealth. This is a short list, of what I personally recommended. Accompanied by a link to my review, when available.

Empire Building KitThe Empire Builder Kit is a first-of-its-kind online business builder that enables anyone to build a very profitable online  business in less than one year. Unlike other make money online products, this course isn’t out to make you a quick buck. It’s about building a sustainable online business based off your passions and strengths. My review of the Empire Builder Kit.

The Gen Y Wealth Personal Finance Toolkit is a list of recommended financial products and services that I personally use. From high interest savings accounts to low cost mutual funds, you’ll find what you need in the personal finance toolkit.

Natural Confidence helps you eliminate false beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals. A truly unique and one of a kind program for permanent self-improvement that I still use regularly.

Learn More, Study Less is a NEW eBook, audio, and video program designed by Scott Young. The Learn More, Study Less program teach you how to learn more effective and efficiently. I used Scott’s techniques to help pass the Certified Financial Planner® examination. If you’re looking to learn more in less time, check this course out. My review of Learn More, Study Less.

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