Weekend Reading – Some Updates on Gen Y Wealth and Life

by RJ

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First, I want to say thanks for everyone’s support. I had a few people get in touch with me, after my big announcement. Even better, was the emails and comments to say congrats. I appreciate all of them.

Also, for the month of April, Gen Y Wealth will have its highest traffic yet. In the last 30 days, almost 14,000 people have visited the site. Again, thank you for your support!

Next, I’m going to my first ever Internet Business conference next week, SobCon in Chicago. If anyone will be attending, let me know. Would love to meet.

Last,  I apologize for the recurring RSS problem. I’m trying to get this fixed but nobody knows what’s wrong.

Now for some personal updates. After being on the market for only six days, our house sold. I’m still in shock. Natalie (my wife) and I are moving to Chicago in June (right now we’re in the burbs).

Speaking of my wife, she started her own blog on breast cancer prevention. It might not be relevant to you, but if you know someone who could use the information, please share.

And on to the weekend reading…

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