My Favorite Blog Posts from 2010 (That You Probably Didn’t Read)

by RJ

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2010 was my first full year of blogging.

To start the year, I had no more than 50 readers. I owe a lot to these friends who tweeted, shared, commented and helped grow Gen Y Wealth to what it is today (Byran, Patrick, Brianna, Ken, John, Craig,  Crystal, and members of my mastermind group to name a small few). I’m very grateful to have all of you as loyal readers.

The interesting thing about starting a blog is that your best work early on, goes unnoticed. Looking back from my totally biased view point, I thought I had some pretty decent posts that were read by few. Now that the audience has grown a little, I thought of no better time than to share some of my earlier work.

Here are my 20 favorite posts from 2010 that received little attention. I hope you learn as much from them, as I learned while writing them.

  1. The Dangers of Market Timing
  2. The Wealth Effect | What it is and How to Avoid it
  3. Optimizing vs. Minimizing Food Costs
  4. Creating Your Optimal Financial Plan
  5. 12 Common Sense Principles for Successful Investing
  6. How to Get a Guaranteed 34.95% Rate of Return On Your Investment
  7. Why Do We Invest? | Human Capital vs. Financial Capital
  8. 25 Ways You Can Improve Your Finances Now
  9. 11 Easy Tips to Help You Achieve Financial Independence
  10. Using Your Roth IRA as an Emergency Fund
  11. Make Yourself Uncomfortable
  12. What Practicing Yoga Has Reminded me About Personal Finance
  13. Sir John Templeton’s Secret to Becoming a Billionaire
  14. Walk Before You Run
  15. How Would Your Life Change if Your Income Doubled?
  16. The Investment Time Horizon Period
  17. It’s OK Not to Invest, It’s Not OK Not to Save
  18. How to Live Like Royalty
  19. Why Not Gen Y Rich?
  20. When the Levee Breaks

Happy New Year!!!

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